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This site is meant to provide a quick guide to some of the better web hosting companies that provide virtual web hosting. Virtual servers are shared web hosting servers that provide almost the same functionality as if you ran your own web server. The big plus is that you have experts watching over your server day and night with redundant T-1 and T-3 lines, power backup systems, and all sorts of high tech stuff that you wouldn't want to deal with.
How To Use This Information
Prices and features for virtual servers will change; do not rely on this site for such info, it is just meant to point you in the right direction. You must visit the web sites of these web hosting companies and see for yourself if they are right for you. I suggest that you email and/or call their customer support to see what kind of response you get before you make your decision.

You should be safe going with any of the web hosting companies offering virtual servers listed here, but make sure you do your homework before making the's an important one.

The Charts: Virtual Web Hosting
The table below is just a basic comparison of virtual web hosting packages. Prices are subject to change, as are features. You should follow the link to the web hosting provider to find out specifics, such as their connection to the Internet; customer service policies; add-ons; additional bandwidth charges, etc.

* The bandwidth listed is per month.
* SSL/DB is Secure Server and DataBase

CGI POP ACCOUNTS SSL/DB DISK SPACE BANDWIDTH SETUP MONTHLY CONTRACT Yes 5 Option/No 50 MB 4 GB $49 $19.95 Monthly Yes 25 Option/No 100 MB 10 GB $49 $39 Monthly Yes Unlimited Option/Yes 300 MB 15 GB $49 $99 Monthly
Note: A great control panel. 1 hour setup. Customer service is fantastic! Easy upgrades. Personally recommended.